beadGame Drive Etiquette

      Game DriveMara North Conservancy is proud to maintain high game viewing standards.
      Our rules are in place both to conserve the area and to ensure that guests have the best safari experience possible.

    • Don’t Crowd – 5 cars at a sighting. Crowding animals separates families and can spoil a hunt.
      • No more than 5 cars are permitted at a sighting.
      • Additional cars should stay 100 meters away.
      • Vehicles have 10 minutes at a sighting then have to give way to waiting vehicles. However the vehicle that found the sighting can remain indefinitely.
      • Only one vehicle may be mobile (engine running) at any time in a stationary sighting. If a guide wishes to move within a sighting they must announce their intention to do so before starting the vehicle. Under no circumstances may another vehicle start up if another vehicle is moving within a stationary sighting
    • Keep your distance -20 meters. To see wild animals behave naturally you must keep a good distance away.
      • Please stay at least 20 meters (roughly 4 vehicle lengths) away from animals. If any animal gets up, becomes restless or walks away, you are too close.
      • If you are on a track and the animals come to you, you may stay on the track and wait until the animal has moved on.
    • Give animals space. Respect wildlife. Do not harass any animals by forcing them into movement, blocking their path, or following them too closely. Always keep a good distance from animals with young, as well as dens, burrows and nests.
    • Leave animals in peace. If an animal is in a bush or thicket, it is strictly forbidden to flush them out, shout, whistle or throw objects to attract their attention. Viewing of cubs should be treated with sensitivity and only viewed when the mother is present.
    • Keep it to a whisper. Many animals are afraid of the human voice. Don’t disturb animals by shouting, clapping or cheering. Switch off the engine.
      • Guides should be aware of loud VHF radio chatter and how it both distresses wild animals and interferes with the viewing experience.
      • Mobile phones should only be used in emergencies or when out of sight of other vehicles
    • Stay in the car. Getting out of your vehicle close to wildlife is dangerous and strictly forbidden.
      • This rule also applies for standing on rooftops – your silhouette can disturb the animals. No clients are allowed to stand on vehicle roofs in proximity to wild animals. Clients must not be allowed to sit on rooftops at predator sightings. Sitting on rooftops at any other animal sighting is permissible but legs must not dangle outside the vehicle.
      • Only leave your vehicle at picnic and sundowner sites.
    • Keep out of thickets. Never push inside thick bush or thickets as so to damage the vegetation. These areas take years to regenerate and are essential habitats and resting places for any animals.
    • Stay on the track – no off-road driving, unless to view wildlife.
      • Prevent soil erosion and damage to plants by sticking to graded roads and cut tracks.
      • If you spot the Big Five, you may leave the track for a closer look, but please take the shortest route and keep 20 meters away.
    • Drive Slowly. The speed limit in the conservancy is 40 kph. Please take time to enjoy the scenery and drive with care.
    • Leave no waste behind. Please do not litter. Please keep it in the car and dispose of it back at camp. Do not feed animals as it causes them to be habituated and behave abnormally.
    • Night Game drives. Night game drives can only take place in designated areas and red filters must be used.
      • Night game drives must return to camp by 10.00 pm. If following a hunting predator at night with spotlights, guides must ensure that all lights are switched off when a predator is stalking prey.
      • It is both ethically and morally wrong to shine the spotlights at either the prey or at the stalking predator in this instance, as it will give either animal an unfair advantage over the other.
      • Only very short bursts of light not shone directly at either animal are acceptable in order to determine the status of the hunt. Breeding animals must not be disturbed.
      • Night viewing of cubs may only occur when they are 4 months and older.
    • Respect your guide. Please do not ask your guide to break the conservancy rules by approaching animals too closely, intentionally disturbing wildlife or exceeding 5 cars at a sighting. If your guide breaks the rules, please let us know.
    • Respect the rangers. The Mara North Conservancy rangers protect the wildlife and the environment. Respect their work and cooperate with them when requested.
    • Don’t approach walkers or riders. If you see any walking safari or riding safari, please do not approach them. Stay well away from them and take an alternative route and keep a good distance away so that they do not see the vehicle.